Climbing: “Hohe Wand via Hanselsteig (B) and Überbrücklsteig (I+)”

Easy climbing tour up to Hohe Wand combining the distinct Hanselsteig (Via Ferrata Cat. B), the Leiterlsteig (Via Ferrata Cat. A) and the Überbrücklsteig (climbing UIAA I+).

Easy climbing tour up to Hohe Wand combining the Hanselsteig (B), Leiterlsteig (A) and Überbrücklsteig (I+)

The tour starts at the parking Stollhof (GPS: 47.836968, 16.075431) and follows directly the red-marked trail towards Hanselsteig. Already after the first few meters, the trail provides a first glimpse towards the Karnischstüberl, the distinct rest area in the middle of the Hanselsteig Via Ferrata. After ascending the Hanselsteig, the tour heads westwards and then descends via the easy Leiterlsteig. Following the Wandfußsteig westwards leads then to the crossing with the main street up to Hohe Wand. After crossing the street and continue following the first meters of Wandfußsteig, the tour then turns right and ascents back again to the plateau via the Überbrücklsteig climbing route (UIAA I+), requiring to traverse via an archway that was left after a collapse of the cave. The route ends at Almfrieden and then follows the trail westwards to Skywalk, Gasthof Postl, Gasthof Luf, and the Neue Welt Blick. The descent is done via the Leitergraben and then following back the Wandfußsteig and forest roads back to Stollhof.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking in Stollhof (GPS: 47.836968, 16.075431) and follow the road upwards for a few meters to the crossing.
00:02 At the crossing, first turn left and then right and follow the red marked trail towards Hanselsteig (see signposts).
00:05 Enjoy the first glimpse at Karnischstüberl. Continue following the red marked trail towards Hanselsteig.
00:10 Cross the forest street (2x) and continue following the red marked trail towards Hanselsteig.
00:20 Climb up the Hanselsteig Via Ferrata.
00:25 Enjoy the view from the Karnischstüberl rest area. Indeed best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
00:35 Continue following the Hanselsteig via ferrata upwards.
00:40 Climb up the crux, a chimney with an overhanging iron ladder. Then continue climbing up the Hanselsteig following the red markings.
00:55 At the crossing with the street, turn left and follow the street westwards.
01:00 Pass by the Kohlröserlhaus and at the corner, leave the street by following the yellow-marked trail straight ahead towards Leiterlsteig (see signpost).
01:05 Cross the forest streets and follow the yellow-marked trail towards Leiterlsteig.
01:10 Descend via the Leiterlsteig via ferrata.
01:20 At the crossing, turn right and then turn right again at the next crossing.
01:23 Turn right into the small trail and follow the Wandfußsteig upwards towards the main street.
01:30 Cross the street at the gallery by keeping left and continue on the blue-marked Wandfußsteig on the other side of the street (below the gallery).
01:35 Turn right and follow the now the Überbrücklsteig climbing route marked with red-dots.
01:50 Cross the archway, the symbol of the Überbrücklsteig. Continue following the red-dots upwards.
02:00 At the exit of Überbrücklsteig, cross the mountain pasture towards the visible trail and hut.
02:05 Turn left and follow the hiking trail westwards towards Skywalk / Gasthof Postl (see signposts).
02:10 Turn left (leave the street) and follow the trail towards Skywalk.
02:15 Enjoy the scenic view from the Skywalk viewing platform. Then continue following the trail westwards.
02:18 At the Ortlerhütte, turn right and follow the trail up towards the street and Gasthof Postl. Turn left before it and follow the mountain road eastwards.
02:20 Turn right at the crossing and follow the mountain road southwards. At the first crossing stay straight ahead and then following the paved road by keeping right up towards the starting area of the flex-wing starting place.
02:30 After the flex-wing starting place, turn right and follow the marked trail towards Gasthof Luf.
02:35 Turn left and follow the marked trail towards Gasthof Luf.
02:45 Well deserved break ( ) at Gasthof Luf. The Wiener Schnitzel with salad is very recommended!
03:45 Continue following the street westwards and at the corner, keep straight ahead and follow the marked trail through the forest. Keep left at the next crossing and follow the trail.
03:50 Enjoy the impressive view from Neue Welt Blick and continue following the trail westwards descending towards Leitergraben.
04:00 At the crossing, turn left and follow the Leitergraben downwards.
04:20 Turn left and follow the blue marked Wandfußsteig. It is a bit difficult to find, don’t miss it! (you can optionally follow the forest street northeastwards which merges later again with the Wandfußsteig).
05:10 Follow the forest road towards the parking and the main street.
05:15 Cross the main street and follow the hiking trail through the meadow on the other side of the street eastwards.
05:20 Keep right and follow the trail eastwards along the wall through the forest.
05:30 At the crossing, turn right and follow the forest road eastwards. Stay on the paved road (Ramhofweg) heading back to Stollhof.
05:40 Keep straight ahead and follow the road eastwards back to the parking.
05:45 Back at the parking, end of the tour.
Please note that the Überbrücklsteig is a slightly exposed climbing route and thus requires climbing skills (UIAA Level I+), having a sure foot and have no fear of heights. The Hanselsteig Via Ferrata is fairly short, however a Via Ferrata set (Klettersteigset) is recommended.


General Tour Data

Area: Wiener Alpen, Lower Austria, Austria
Distance: 13km
Ascent: 730m (2h 30min)
Descent: 732m (2h 10min)
Highest Pt: 949m
Lowest Pt: 519m
Duration: 4h 45min (without breaks)
5h 45min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Kohlröserlhaus (840m)
Alpengasthof Postl (891m)
Gasthaus Luf (932m)
Equipment: (Warm) Hiking shoes
Helmet (mandatory)
Via Ferrata Set (recommended)
Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and water
1x Gipfelbier (
Sun & Weather protection
GPS advised
Topo/Map: Hanselsteig (B)
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At a glance

Level  easy climbing 
–  UIAA Level (Climbing)  I+ 
–  Via Ferrata Category  B 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  

Tour Diary

2021-12-18 10:00

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan
Activity: Strava

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