Climbing Tour: “Rax via Preintalersteig (II-)”

Climb up the Rax through the Höllental via the Preintalersteig (climbing route I+/II-!) and descent through the Teufelsbadstubensteig via ferrata (B).

Climb up the Rax from Höllental via the Preintalersteig (II-) and descent via the Teufelsbadstubensteig (B)

The tour starts at the parking Höllental (GPS: 47.746378, 15.763381) and first follows the trail opposite the parking towards Schönbrunnerstiege. After climbing up the stairs of the Schönbrunnerstiege, turn left towards the wall and follow the small trail along the wall. After several ups and downs, the trail leads through a slippery scree field. Make sure you follow the red markings(!to not go to a much more difficult climbing route!) which automatically lead to the start of the Preintalersteig climbing route. The crux of the route is a steep chimney but the route is also sometimes slightly exposed and thus require a sure foot and being free from giddiness. After enjoying the awesome view from the end of the route, the descent is done directly via the Teufelsbadstubensteig back into the Höllental and then back to the parking.

Please note that a full “Klettersteigset” (via ferrata set) is required for this tour (descent)!

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Höllental (GPS: 47.746378, 15.763381) and follow the small trail opposite the parking upwards.
00:01 Keep right all the time and follow the trail above the street / tunnel.
00:10 Climb up the stairs of the Schönbrunnerstiege.
00:15 At the crossing, turn left into the small trail upwards towards the wall. Then keep right and follow the trail along the wall.
00:35 Pass by the stone with the red marking and follow the red dots / markings indicating the route of Preintalersteig.
00:50 Turn around and start the climb at the Preintalersteig.
01:05 Climb through the chimney which is also the crux of the tour.
01:15 At the crossing, turn right and follow the red markings.
01:40 Pass by the Preintalerturm (tower, see title picture) on its left side, which gives the climbing route its name. You will also find the tour book there.
01:45 After the Preintalerturm (tower), climb up the wall on the left hand-side. This part is the second crux of the route. Follow the red markings towards the exit.
02:10 Enjoy the awesome view at the exit (view point), best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
02:20 Put on your via ferrata set and descend via the Teufelsbadstubensteig via ferrata (descent starts a couple of meters next to the view point).
02:50 Climb into the distinctive Badstubenkluft cave and then the iron ladder downwards.
03:00 At the exit / start of Teufelsbadstubensteig, follow the trail downwards.
03:05 At the crossing, turn right into the forest street and follow it downwards.
03:25 At the crossing, turn right into the small trail which leads back to Schönbrunnerstiege and back to the parking (same as ascent).
03:45 Back at the parking, end of the tour.

At a glance

Level easy – moderate climbing
–  UIAA Level (Climbing)  I+/II- 
–  Via Ferrata Category  B 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  

General Tour Data

Area: Rax/Schneeberg Group, Lower Austria, Austria
Distance: 6km
Ascent: 744m (2h 00min)
Descent: 744m (1h 35min)
Highest Pt: 1225m
Lowest Pt: 562m
Duration: 3h 35min (without breaks)
3h 45min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: None on the tour
Weichtalhaus (546m) at the parking
Equipment: Via Ferrata set with helmet!
Hiking shoes with good grip (on rock)
Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and plenty of water
1x “Gipfelbier” ()
Sun & Weather protection
Topo/Map: Teufelsbadstubensteig (B)
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Tour Diary

2021-06-12 11:45

Weather: mostly cloudy
Participants: Stefan
Activity: Strava

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