Climbing: Hohe Wand via Holzknechtsteig (II)

Climb up the Hohe Wand via the Holzknechtsteig (II) – side-by-side the famous Gebirgsvereinssteig (C/D) – and descent via Springlessteig (A/I-)

Climb up the Hohe Wand via “Holzknechtsteig” (II) and descent via Springlessteig (A/I-)

The tour starts at the parking Seiser Toni (GPS: 47.806149, 16.008561) and first follows the forest road east towards Wagnersteig / Wandfußsteig / GV-Steig. Following the blue-marked Wandfußsteig north-east, the entrance is between the Grafenbergturm and the Wenigerturm cliffs (see signpost).
The Holzknechtsteig is marked red and the trail leads through a ravine upwards (which gets narrower and steeper). Then the climbing starts (I, I+) till reaching a narrow and steep wall which must be climbed in two steps (II- and II). The trail then crosses the famous Gebirgsvereinssteig (GV) via ferrata (at the iron bridge). The remaining part of the tour is exposed but fairly easy to climb (I+), but has sometimes a very loose dirty surface. The Holzknechtsteig ends next to the exit of the GV-Steig.
Following the trail east leads to the Hubertushaus.
The descent is done via the Springlessteig (A/I-), down till the Wandfußsteig. Following the Wandfußsteig leads to the entrance of the GV-Steig but also back to the starting point of the tour.

Please note that this tour is an easy climbing route but requires climbing skills (UIAA Level II) – without any fixed ropes or protection and especially in autumn gets very slippery due to greenery and loose surface.


Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking at Seiser Toni (GPS: 47.806149, 16.008561) and follow the (forest) street heading towards east (street name Theresia Stollen).
00:06 Turn left into the yellow marked trail towards Gebirgsvereinssteig (Wagnersteig).
00:10 Cross the street following the Wagnersteig and then turn right into the blue marked Wandfußsteig (shorter) or
turn right and follow the forest road and then turn left towards the Gebirgsvereinssteig which also leads to the blue marked Wandfußsteig).
00:18 If second option was taken, turn right into the blue marked Wandfußsteig.
00:23 Turn into the Holzknechtsteig marked with red circles upwards.
00:25 The trail first leads upwards through a steep ravine which constantly gets narrower and rugged (climbing I+)
00:35 Reaching the crux which is a 10 meters vertical wall in two steps (first step: 4 meters, difficulty II-; second step: 2 meters, difficulty II) with a steep path between those.

Please note: The 2nd step is only two meters but polished and provides fewer holds and steps!
00:45 Reaching the saddle of the Weningerturms where the Gebirgsvereinssteig via ferrata crosses with its infamous bridge. Perfect place for a short break (e.g. self-brought ).
01:00 Follow the marked route on the left side of the via ferrata, still steep (I+) and loose.
01:11 [Detour]: Turn right towards the Gebirgsvereinssteig via ferrata where the trail-book is placed.
01:15 Head back on the same trail and continue the ascent via the Holzknechtsteig (I-), till reaching the plateau.
01:20 Turn right and enjoy the view at the exit of the Gebirgsvereinssteig.
01:25 Follow the trail heading east to the Hubertushaus hut.
01:30 Well deserved break at the Hubertushaus ().
02:00 Descent via the Springlessteig starting directly at the Hubertushaus downwards the cliff (left-handside, follow the sign-posts).
02:30 Turn left into the Wandfußsteig (marked blue).
02:45 Inspect the entrance of the Gebirgsvereinssteig via ferrata and follow down the the trail that leads towards the forest road.
02:50 Follow the yellow marked trail that leads back to the car parking.
03:00 End of the tour.

At a glance

Level easy climbing
–  UIAA Level (Climbing)  II 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  

General Tour Data

Area: Wiener Alpen, Lower Austria, Austria
Distance: 5km
Ascent: 328m (1h 20min)
Descent: 328m (1h 00min)
Highest Pt: 980m
Lowest Pt: 707m
Duration: 2h 15min (without breaks)
3h 00min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Hubertushaus (933m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Plenty of water
1x Gipfelbier ()
Sun & Weather protection

If with children:
climbing gear (rope, 3x quickdraws)


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Tour Diary

Tour Date: 2019-10-20 15:30
  Weather: Sunny, warm
  Participants: Stefan
  Activity: Suunto

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