Via Ferrata: “Hohe Wand via Währinger Steig (C) & Ganghofersteig (C/D)”

Climb up the Hohe Wand via the Währinger Steig (C) and the Ganghofer Steig (C/D) via ferratas. This demanding tour is nothing for beginners and requires experience and courage.

Climb the Hohe Wand via the “Währingersteig” and the “Ganghofersteig”

This tour mounts the Hohe Wand on the eastern side starting from Dreistetten (GPS: 47.855238, 16.099533). The ascent combines two difficult via ferratas (Währingersteig (C), Ganghofersteig (C/D)) with a hiking trail. Just before the break at the Kohlröserlhaus, a small detour to the Felsenpfad allows exciting impressions walking directly on rocks and cliffs. The descent is done using an easy (cat. A) via ferrata (Drobilsteig).

Please note that a full “Klettersteigset” (via ferrata set) is mandatory for this tour!


Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Dreistetten (GPS: 47.855238, 16.099533) following the Angergasse.
00:10 Turn left and follow the right trail towards the access of the Währingersteig.
00:12 Put on the via ferrata set (“Klettersteigset”) at the begin of the Währingersteig.
00:13 Ascent using the iron rungs (steep!) till you reach the first plateau.
00:20 At the plateau, head towards the cave where you also find the trail book and a stamp (small break before approaching the crux).
00:30 Continue through the cave which exists at the traverse leading towards the ladder. This is the crux of this track.
00:35 Climb up the ladder and follow the remaining trail till you reach the exit of the track on a plateau.
00:50 The exist (plateau) is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery and make a small break (e.g. enjoy a self-brought refreshment ().
01:00 Follow the small trail that leads to a big crossing and descend via the Notabfahrt (gravel road).
01:05 At the crossing, descend back to the valley using the Notabfahrt (gravel road).
01:08 At the next crossing, turn right and follow the forest street towards Zischkasteig.
01:15 Turn right into the Zischkasteig and follow this track for a while.
01:36 After a steep ascent, make sure you find the crossing towards the Ganghofersteig (left turn). It is marked on a lying stone with the two blue letters “G H”.
01:45 The crux of the Ganghofersteig: Small iron rungs and no cable (there is an emergency exit on the right handside leading back to the Zischkasteig). This is a very good place for a small break before handling the most difficult part of this tour.
02:15 Ascent using the small iron rungs and finding steps on the surrounding rocks.
02:40 Pass by the Herrgottschnitzerhaus at the end of the Ganghofersteig. Follow the trail next to the street (partly on the street) till you reach the Kohlröserlhaus.
03:35 At the left (just before the Kohlröserlhaus) there is the entrance to the Felsenpfad. Take this detour and enjoy the view and the experience walking at the absyss on a track on iron grids.
03:45 Well deserved break at the Kohlröserlhaus ().
05:15 Walk back on the street and the trail towards the Herrgottschnitzerhaus.
05:40 Descend using the Drobilsteig till you reach again the crossing.
06:00 Follow again the Notabfahrt but this time stay on this road till you reach the parking.
06:30 Back at the parking again – the end of the tour.


General Tour Data

Area: Wiener Alpen, Lower Austria, Austria
Distance: 9km
Ascent: 424m (1h 45min)
Descent: 424m (1h 30min)
Highest Pt: 857m
Lowest Pt: 522m
Duration: 4h 00min (without breaks)
6h 30min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Herrgottschnitzerhaus (816m) or
Kohlröserlhaus (900m)
Equipment: Via ferrata set incl. helmet
Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and enough water
Sun & Weather protection
Topo/Map: Währingersteig

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At a glance

Level moderate
–  Via Ferrata Category  C/D 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  


Important to know

Warning: Although very steep, the Währingersteig is very well protected by continuous cables and generous climbing aids (wide iron rungs) whereas the Ganghofersteig has only small climbing aids (iron rungs) but does not have continuous cable protection (especially in the last, steep section)!
Information: The crux at the Währingersteig is an iron ladder hanging about 20 meters above ground-level and which must be approached via a traverse.

Tour Diary

2020-11-07 10:30

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan, Predrag
Activity: Suunto
Comment: We descended directly after the break at Herrgottschnitzerhaus via the Drobilsteig passing by the Einhornhöhle.

2017-10-12 09:40

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan, Bernhard, Hans
Activity: Suunto

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