(Easy) Hiking Tour: “Wiener Weinberge” from “Nussdorf”

Hike up to Cobenzl with its stunning view starting from Nussdorf through the beautiful Viennese vineyards. The tour offers promising views towards the city of Vienna and is mostly using well-maintained asphalt roads. The descent is done either via the same way or simply taking the bus starting directly at the big parking of Cobenzl and going back towards Heiligenstadt (underground and train station).

Hike up to Cobenzl from Nussdorf through the impressive Viennese vineyards

The tour starts at the train station Nussdorf and first follows some narrow streets through the city till turning into the Eichelhofstraße which is followed up aside the amazing Viennese vineyards. The trail offers various scenic views towards the city of Vienna and along the Danube river. The tour then turns into the Eichelhofweg leading up to Nußberg, again offering scenic views. A few meters after passing Nußberg, the tour turns left and follows the hiking route towards Krapfenwaldl and its public swimming pool. The tour then shortly descents towards the main street and then follows a marked hiking trail up to Cobenzl, its view point and the bus station.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the train station Wien / Nußdorf and first follow the Greinergasse westwards through the Nussdorfer Platz.
00:02 At the first crossing, turn right into the Hackhofergasse and follow the street till its end.
00:10 At the end of the street, turn left into the Eichelhofstraße and follow this street upwards. Keep straight and follow the marked road upwards.
00:15 Enjoy the amazing views towards Vienna through the vineyards. Continue following the street northwestwards.
00:20 Turn left into the Eichelhofweg and follow the trail through the Viennese vineyards.
00:40 At the crossing right behind Nußberg, keep right and then straight. You potentially want to consider a break at one of the Heurigen ().
00:42 At the crossing, turn left and follow the trail through the vineyard downwards.
00:45 Turn left and follow again the street northwestwards alongside the vineyard.
00:50 At the crossing, keep straight and cross the river via the bridge. Now follow the hiking trail southwestwards.
00:55 At the public swimming pool, cross the street, turn right and then immediately left into the hiking trail towards the forest.
01:00 Cross the street and continue following the marked hiking trail on the opposite street-side (next to the bus station).
01:10 Turn left into the marked hiking trail and follow it up till the street again.
01:12 Turn left into the street and follow it till the view point and big parking.
01:15 Well deserved break at Waldgrill ( ). End of the tour. The descent is done by taking the bus that starts from the parking heading towards Heiligenstadt.

At a glance

Level  easy 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  
General Tour Data

Area: Wien, Vienna, Austria
Distance: 5km
Ascent: 270m (1h 10min)
Descent: 53m (0h 05min)
Highest Pt: 382m
Lowest Pt: 165m
Duration: 1h 15min (without breaks)
1h 15min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Wieninger am Nussberg (335m)
Heuriger Sirbu (336m)
Mayer am Nussberg (336m)
Waldgrill (382m)
Equipment: Comfortable hiking shoes
Standard hiking equipment
Sun & Weather protection


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Tour Diary

2022-11-06 12:15

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan, Debora
Activity: Strava

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