Hiking Tour: “From Tragöß to Präbichl via Neuwaldalm”

Long but extremely promising tour from Tragöß to Präbichl, passing by the beautiful Grüner See and then hike through amazing mountain pastures via the Neuwaldalm. The tour then passes by the Neuwaldeggstattel and Hirscheggsattel and descends via the Leobner Hütte towards Präbichl.

Promising tour from Tragöß to Präbichl via the beautiful Grüner See and through amazing mountain pastures

This long but extremely promising tour starts in the center of Tragöß / Oberort and first follows the street towards the iconic Grüner See (a karst lake surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery that is slowly filled with melt-water). The tour then follows the hiking trail towards Jassing along the scenic Almweg. After passing by the Jassing Almhütt’n, the tour continues following the Almweg towards Neuwaldalm. It then heads towards the Frauenmauer but turns southwards towards the Neuwaldeggsattel and then further to the Hirscheggsattel. The tour then descends via the Leobner Hütte towards Präblich and ends at the bus station there.

This tour assumes the availabilty of two cars or the use of the bus lines 175 from Bruck/Mur to Tragöß and 820 from Präblich Almhäuser.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the bus station Tragöß / Oberort (GPS: 47.531919, 15.078403). Follow the street north and then turn left towards Grüner See.
00:10 Pass by the parking of Grüner See and continue following the road northwestwards towards Grüner See.
00:25 Enjoy the view of Grüner See and continue following the road westwards (Almweg) towards Jassing.
00:40 Leave the street and follow the trail hiking 832 towards Jassing.
00:55 Pass by Pfarrerlacke and follow the forest road towarsd Jassing.
01:10 Pass by the parking Jassing and continue following the forest road towards the Jausenstation Jassing (keep left, do not follow the marked trail Russenstraße up to Sonnschienalm!).
01:20 Well deserved break () at Jausenstation Jassing.
01:40 Continue following the trail 832 / Almweg northwestwards.
01:45 At the crossing, keep right and continue following the trail 832 towards Neuwaldalm (see signposts!).
02:00 At tghe crossing, turn left and continue following the trail 832 towards Neuwaldalm, also crossing the Jassinggraben river.
02:10 At the crossing, keep left and follow the marked trail 832 towards Neuwaldalm.
02:55 Short break at the Neuwaldalm (not always serviced!) for a quick refreshment ().
03:05 Continue following trail 832 westwards heading towards Frauenmauerhöhle Osteingang.
03:20 At the crossing, turn left and follow the trail 805 towards Neuwaldeggsattel.
03:50 At the crossing of Neuwaldeggsattel, keep straight ahead and continue following the trail 805 towards Hirscheggsattel.
04:40 At the crossing of Hirscheggsattel, turn slightly right and descend via the trail southwards.
04:50 Well deserved break () at Leobner Hütte.
05:20 At the crossing, stay straight and continue descending via the steep trail downwards.
05:40 Turn right and follow the trail 871 southwards towards Präbichl.
06:55 At the crossing, keep left and follow the trail southwards to Almhäuser Keep straight and always follow the trail till reaching the main road.
07:10 Arrival at the bus station Präbichl / Almhäuser, end of the tour.
General Tour Data

Area: Hochschwabgruppe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 18km
Ascent: 1096m
Descent: 802m
Highest Pt: 1699
Lowest Pt: 758m
Duration: 5h 20min (without breaks)
7h 10min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Gasthof Grüner See (776m)
Jassing Almnütte (885m)
Neuwaldalm (1348m) (not always serviced!)
Leobner Hütte (1582m)
Gasthaus Langreiter (1071m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Hiking shoes with good grip
Food, Snacks and plenty of water
1x Gipfelbier  
Sun & Weather protection
GPS recommended
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Tour Diary

2022-05-26 08:45

Weather: Partly cloudy
Participants: Robert

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