Walking Tour: “Vienna: Towards Lobau from Donaustadtbrücke”

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Easy walking tour along the Mühlwasser towards the Nationalpark Donau-Auen starting from the Donaustadtbrücke

This easy walking tour starts at the Donaustadtbrücke metro station in Vienna and follows the hiking trails along the Mühlwasser river towards the Nationalpark Donau-Auen. The tour then follows trails through the northwestern part of the national park back to the Danube and follows the Danube northwestwards back to the metro station.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the south entrance (entrance facing the Danube) of Vienna’s metro station Donaustadtbrücke (U2) and first follow the street northwestwards for a few meters.
00:01 Turn right and cross the bridge over the highway. Keep straight ahead and follow the Kaisermühlenstraße northeastwards.
00:08 Just before the Mühlwasser river,t urn right into the trail next to the river and below the highway bridges.
00:10 After the railway bridge, turn left (bridge over the water) and then right and follow the trail along the water eastwards.
00:20 Turn right into the Mühlgrundweg at the end of the trail and follow the road eastwards Cross the street (Hardeggasse) and then follow the trail straight ahead.
00:25 Well-deserved break () at the Strand Domizil.
00:55 Continue following the trail southeastwards along the Am Mühlwasser road.
00:57 Turn right into the Lobelienweg and follow this street southwards.
00:57 Turn right into the Lobelienweg and follow this street southwards for a few meters.
01:00 Turn left into the hiking trail next and along the Mühlwasser. Stay on this trail (always keep north of the Mühlwasser) till reaching the Nationalpark Donau-Auen (after passing by the Naturistenapark Lobau).
01:45 At the entrance of Nationalpark Donau-Auen, turn right, follow the Saltenstraße southwards by crossing the bridge and then turn right again and follow the hiking trail westwards (again along the water).
02:00 Turn right towards the wooden platform of Lobauarm and enjoy the view from there. Then continue following the dirt-road southwestwards.
02:10 At the crossing, turn right and cross the swampland via the wooden bridge Josefsteg. Stay straight ahead and continue following the trail.
02:15 Turn right and follow the trail westwards.
02:20 After the Dechantlacke (pond), turn left and then keep right at the next crossing (follow signpost towards Nationalparkhaus).
02:30 Pass by the Nationalparkhaus and turn left into the Biberhaufenweg Follow this street up, cross the Raffineriestraße and then turn right into the lane above the Danube.
Follow the street along the Danube northwestwards.
02:45 Well deserved break ( ) at Toni’s Inselgrill.
03:45 Continue following the street along the Danube northwestwards which leads automatically back to the starting point.
04:05 Back at the Donaustadtbrücke, end of the tour.

At a glance

Level  easy 
Shape / Fitness
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General Tour Data

Area: Lobau, Vienna, Austria
Distance: 12,5km
Ascent: 11m (0h 00min)
Descent: 11m (0h 00min)
Highest Pt: 165m
Lowest Pt: 154m
Duration: 2h 35min (without breaks)
4h 05min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Strand-Domizil (157m)
Mühlwasser Platz’l (157m)
Roter Hiasl (157m)
Toni’s Inselgrill (163m)
Equipment: Comfortable hiking shoes
Sun & Weather protection
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Tour Diary

2022-03-06 14:15

Weather: Cloudy
Participants: Stefan, Robert, Werner
Activity: Strava

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