Walking Tour: “Monte Grisa / Trieste” (Italy)

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Promising walking tour along the “Gulf of Trieste”, starting from Opicina to Monte Grisa, allowing an awesome view towards the castle of Miramare.

Promising walking tour along the “Gulf of Trieste”

This tour starts at the parking in Opicina (GPS 45.679703, 13.781029), next to the Obelisc Observation Point. It then follows the hiking path around the obelisc westwards till reaching the road Via Robert Baden Powell. Turning left into this road leads directly to the big church and restaurant at Monte Grisa. A few meter continuing westwards then on the small trail leads to the Parkljev hrib, a small sightseeing tower allowing an amazing view towards Miamare and the Gulf of Trieste. On the way back alternative routes through the wood can be taken which run parallel to the initial route.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the Obelisc Observation Point Opicina, and follow the path westwards around the obelisc.
00:10 Pass by the Poggioreale / Selivec (398m) which is the highest point of the tour.
00:20 At the crossing, follow the left lower path (marked green).
00:22 At the second crossing keep on the left path (marked green) but then keep right at the next turn.
00:40 When reaching the street Via Robert Baden Powell turn left and follow the street.
00:45 Break at the church Tempio Nationale a Maria Madre e Regina di Monte Grisa. The restaurant there is a perfect place for enjoying a cold refreshment ().
01:15 Continue on the trail westwards behind the church.
01:20 Enjoy the awesome view on the sightseeing tower Parkljev hrib.
01:30 Take the same route back towards the church and continue walking on the road Via Robert Baden Powell eastwards.
01:45 Instead of taking the first trail (red-yellow marked) which was used before, continue on the road and turn right at the next trail (runs in parallel).
02:00 At the crossing, keep straight and pass the small monument.
02:10 Pass by the small cave (Grotta del Monte Gurca) and continue on the trail.
02:12 Either continue on the same path as before, or turn right into the descending path towards Strada Stefania which runs in parallel.
02:45 Back at the parking (end of tour).

At a glance

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General Tour Data

Area: Trieste, Italy
Distance: 7,5 km
Ascent: 140m
Descent: 140m
Highest Pt: 395m
Lowest Pt: 296m
Duration: 2h 15min (without breaks)
2h 45min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Casa del Pellegrino Monte Grisa (328m)
Equipment: Sun & Weather protection
Optional: Hiking equipment (water, snacks)
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Tour Diary

Tour Date: 2019-12-21 13:00
  Weather: cloudy, windy, moistly
  Participants: Stefan


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