Walking Tour: Around the “Grüner See”

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A very nice walk around the “Grüner See” (green lake), especially promising in spring or early summer when the karst lake is filled with cold but very clean melt water from the surrounding mountains.

Promising walk around the “Grüner See” (green lake)”

The tour starts at the “Grüner See” (green lake) which is a karst lake located in Tragöß-Sankt Kathrein (Styria). This lake fills up slowly with melt-water from the surrounding mountains and thus is very clear but also very cold (5-6°C). The water-level heavily depends on the season: it reaches its maximum level in early summer (around 10 m) but nearly dries out in fall.

Tip: The current water-level is tracked on this website.


Tour Description

00:00 Parking at the parking lot Grüner See (ticket required!)
00:05 Walk on the Hinterer Seeweg till reaching the green lake.
00:15 Follow the various trails around the green lake and enjoy its unique beautiness.
01:30 Lunch at the Gasthof Grüner See ).
02:30 Follow the road and take the Almweg towards the Kreuzteich.
02:40 Walk around the Kreuzteich and follow the path towards the parking.
02:50 End of the tour at the parking log Grüner See.

At a glance

Level very easy
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  

Interesting background information

The lake’s unique blue-green color results from:

  • the fact that clear water absorbs the red portions of light
  • the lake itself is surrounded by mountains and therefore protected from wind and thus there are no waves on the surface
  • the soil beneath is mostly chalk and thus no floating particles are set out into the water

General Tour Data

Area: Hochschwabgruppe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 3-6 km
Ascent: 38m (N/A)
Descent: 38m (N/A)
Highest Pt: 788m
Lowest Pt: 752m
Duration: 1h 30min (without breaks)
2h 50min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Gasthof Grüner See (778m)
Equipment: Sun & Weather protection

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Tour Diary

Last tour: 2018-05-26 10:00
  Weather: Sunny, hot
  Participants: Stefan, Bernhard, Hans, Robert C.

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