Hiking Tour: “Mugel via Rosseck from Nicklasdorf”

Promising hiking tour up to the Mugel via the Rosseck, approaching from the north (Nicklasdorf).

Promising hiking tour up to the Mugel via the Rosseck stating from Nicklasdorf

This tour starts at the (winter) parking of Mugelweg / Nicklasdorf and first follow the road southwards towards the summer parking (optionally the tour can be started from here as well). The tour first follows the trail southeastwards and leads towards Silberbrunn with an amazing scenic view towards the Hochschwab area. It then ascends till reaching the summit of Rosseck and then follows the route westwards towards the Mugel with the Mugelschutzhaus. After a well deserved break and enjoying the view from there, the tour descends northwards towards the antenna and then via the Ochsenstall alpine pasture back to the parking.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the (winter) parking Mugelweg / Nicklasdorf (GPS: 47.381115, 15.179736) and follow the gravel road southwards (towards the summer parking).
00:10 At the crossing, stay straight ahead and continue following gravel road.
00:20 Right after the summer parking, turn left and follow the forest road northwards for a few meters.
00:25 At the corner, turn sharp right and follow the small red-white-red marked trail through the forest upwards.
The turn can easily be missed! Cross the forest street twice and follow the red-white-red marked trail
00:35 Turn right and follow the red-white-red marked trail upwards.
00:40 At the crossing, first keep left and then right and continue following the trail towards Rosseck.
00:45 Keep straight ahead and continue following the hiking trail upwards.
00:50 Keep left and continue following the trail.
01:05 Cross the forest street (3x) and follow the red-white-red marked trail upwards.
01:40 Cross the forest road again and follow the trail upwards towards Silberbrunn.
01:50 Enjoy the view from Silberbrunn water source. You might consider following the wooden stairs up to the view point.
02:00 Turn sharply left and follow the now unmarked (!) but clearly visible trail towards Rosseck (see signpost!).
02:05 Cross the forest road (2x) and follow the small trail which directly leads towards the summit of Rosseck.
02:20 Enjoy the view from Rosseck (you might want to head a bit towards the south). Best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
02:50 Follow the red-white-red marked trail westwards and descend towards Mugel.
02:55 Cross the forest road but enjoy the amazing distance view towards the area of Hochschwab. Continue following the hiking trail westwards.
03:10 At the Silberbrunnsattel crossing, stay straight ahead and follow the trail westwards towards Mugel.
03:15 At the crossing, keep left and follow the forest road up towards Mugel.
03:20 Well deserved break ( ) at the Mugelschutzhütte nearby the summit of Mugel.
04:20 Follow the gravel road downwards heading north (towards the antenna).
04:25 Turn left into the red-white-red marked trail downwards towards the antenna.
04:40 Pass by the antenna on its left hand-side. Continue following the gravel road.
04:45 At the U-turn stay slightly left and follow the red-white-red marked trail downwards.
05:10 Continue following the red-white-red marked trail or optionally turn left and just follow down the gravel road (both heading back to the parking).
05:40 Pass by the summer parking and continue following the gravel road northwards towards the winter parking.
06:00 Back at the (winter) parking. End of the tour.
General Tour Data

Area: Gleinalpe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 12km
Ascent: 1033m (2h 15min)
Descent: 1032m (2h 00min)
Highest Pt: 1664m
Lowest Pt: 720m
Duration: 4h 30min (without breaks)
6h 00min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Mugelschutzhaus (1626m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and enough water
1x Gipfelbier ()
Sun & Weather protection
GPS recommended
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Level  easy-moderate 
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Tour Diary

2021-11-06 09:00

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan, Robert
Activity: Strava

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