Hiking Tour: “Pribitz, Sonnschienalm & Ebenstein via Grüner See”

A very long but promising tour up to the Ebenstein (2123m), starting from the amazing Grüner See and then up to the Pribitz (1579m) allowing an amazing view from top onto the green lake. The descent is done via the impressive Klammboden (gorge).

Tour up to the “Ebenstein”, starting from the “Grüner See” via the “Pribitz” and the “Sonnschienalm”

This very long but extremely promising tour starts at the beautiful Grüner See (a karst lake surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery that is sloly filled with melt-water) and first goes around the lake and then leads up to the Pribitz cliff, allowing an amazing view from top onto the green lake. The tour then continues towards the beautiful Sonnschienalm mountain pasture and then follows the trail up to the Ebenstein peak. The descent is done via the Klammboden gorge, between the Pribitz and the Messnerin back to the parking.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Grüner See (GPS: 47.536675, 15.066607). Please note a ticket is required (EUR 4,00). Follow the road north towards the Grüner See.
00:01 Turn left into the hiking trail towards the Kreuzteich.
00:06 Enjoy the view from Kreuzteich towards the Pribitz cliff. Continue on the trail and turn right.
00:15 Bypass the Gasthof Grüner See restaurant and keep right to access the Grüner See lake.
00:16 Follow the trail around the Grüner See lake and enjoy this beautiful nature jewel.
00:35 Climb up the big rock at the shore of the lake to get an unique impressive view of the lake and its surrounding mountain scenery.
00:40 Follow the trail back to the northern end of the lake till reaching the upper forest road.
00:42 Turn left into the small trail (hard to see!) upward into the forest.
00:50 Keep left and follow the big forest road upwards.
01:15 Turn left and leave the forest road, follow the small trail upwards through the forest.
01:17 Again, keep left and follow the small trail upwards.
01:20 Pass the gate (only if open!) and stay on the trail upwards.
01:40 Enjoy the awesome view into the valley and towards the Messnerin, now the trail becomes steep and alpine.
02:00 Hike up the broken wooden ladder and cross the wooden bridge.
02:15 At the crossing, turn left and follow the trail up to Pribitz.
02:30 Turn around and enjoy the amazing panoramic view towards Sonnschienalm seen from the trail.
02:40 Enjoy the amazing view from the cliff down to the Grüner See at the Pribitz peak (1579m). The view is best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
02:55 Follow the trail back for a couple of meters.
02:56 Turn left and follow the trail towards Sonnschienalm.
04:05 Approaching at the Sonnschienalm. Follow the trail towards the now visible Sonnschienhütte.
04:15 Break and refreshment at the Sonnschienhütte (, ).
05:05 Follow the trail west-wards (left) from the Sonnschienhütte but turn right into the trail up to Ebenstein right after the hut.
05:30 At the crossing (next to the source), turn right and follow the trail upwards to Ebenstein.
05:45 At the crossing, keep right and follow the trail upwards to Kleiner Ebenstein.
06:00 Pass by the Kleiner Ebenstein (1943m) and continue towards the Ebenstein.
06:30 Enjoy the view from the Ebenstein (2123m). Best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
06:45 Use the same way back to the Sonnchienhütte.
08:00 Short break at the Sonnschienhütte, refreshing for the descent (well deserved ).
08:15 Follow the trail back through the Sonnschienalm.
08:20 Stay straight and follow the hiking trail towards the Klammboden.
08:30 Keep left and follow the trail downwards.
08:50 At the crossing, turn right and follow the trail downwards towards the Klammboden.
09:15 Stay straight on the trail and cross the two Klammboden.
09:30 Follow the forest road back.
10:00 Follow the small trail downwards (shortcut) straight ahead.
10:25 At the crossing, stay right and continue on the trail downwards.
11:15 Keep right and follow the trail towards the parking.
11:17 Follow the trail towards the Grüner See (turn right).
11:20 At the second crossing, turn right and follow the trail back to the parking.
11:30 Back at the parking. End of the tour.
General Tour Data

Area: Hochschwabgruppe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 29km
Ascent: 1615m (4h 15min)
Descent: 1616m (4h 00min)
Highest Pt: 2123m
Lowest Pt: 752m
Duration: 10h 05min (without breaks)
11h 30min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Gasthof Grüner See (776m)
Sonnschienhütte (1523m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Solid hiking shoes with good grip
Snacks and plenty of water
2x Gipfelbier  
Sun & Weather protection

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Tour Diary

2020-09-19 10:00

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan, Herbert, Robert
Activity: Suunto
Comment: Due to a late start, we had to turn around / abort at Kleiner Ebenstein.

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