Hiking Tour: “Hochschwab via the G’Hackte”

A long but exciting tour up to the Hochschwab (2277m) via the G’hackte (easy via ferrata, Cat. A/B) and back to the Häuslalm and Sonnschienalm. This very long route passes all checkpoints to qualify for the HOCHsteiermark badge (Bronze) and allows exiting (panoramic and distance) views of the Hochschwab group.

Tour up to the “Hochschwab” via the G’Hackte (A/B), and back to the “Häuslalm” and “Sonnschienalm”

BergZeitReise Bronze This very long but extremely promising tour starts at the parking next to the Bodenbauer guesthouse (GPS: 47.579401, 15.114501) and first leads through a forest valley surrounded by impressive rocks and summits to the beautiful Trawiesalm mountain pasture. Again, surrounded by an impressive alpine landscape, the tour continues and uses for the steep ascent the G’hackte, a simple but still demanding via ferrata (A/B). At the end of the ferrata, the tour passes the Fleischer-Biwak and leads towards the summit of Hochschwab (2277m). After mastering the peak, the tour then continues and descents towards the Schiestlhaus for a well-deserved lunch break.
Recharged, the tour then leads back to the Fleischer-Biwak bypassing the Hochschwab and then continues on the Hochschwab plateau towards the Häuslalm. There, the tour then turns right and follows the road towards the Sackwiesenalm (short refreshment). The tour then detours around the beautiful Sackwiesensee lake and then continues west till reaching the Sonnschienalm. After a refreshing break at the Sonnschienhütte, the tour then follows the way back towards the Häuslalm (this time bypassing the lake) and then follows the trail downwards to descent back to the parking at the Bodenbauer.

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Bodenbauer (GPS: 47.579401, 15.114501). Pass by the Bodenbauer guesthouse and follow the forest road north-west.
00:05 At the crossing, turn right and follow the road towards Hochschwabgipfel.
00:30 Follow the trail next to the impressive cliffs.
00:45 Cross the Trawiesalm mountain pasture by staying on the trail.
01:30 After the Trawiesalm ascend following the steep trail (left handside up).
02:10 At the crossing Vogauer Kreuz, turn left and follow the trail towards the G’hacktes / Hochschwabgipfel.
02:15 Follow the G’hackte via ferrata (A/B) upwards.
02:45 Stay on the trail towards the Fleischer-Biwak.
03:00 Turn right at the Fleischer-Biwak and follow the trail further towards Hochschwabgipfel.
03:05 Keep right and follow the trail upwards to the Hochschwabgipfel (summit).
03:15 Enjoy the panoramic and distance view from the Hochschwab summit (2277m). Best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
03:55 Continue the tour on the trail (north-east) towards the Kleiner Hochschwab and the Schiestlhaus hut.
04:00 Well deserved break ( ) at the Schiestlhaus.
04:20 First, take the trail back towards Hochschwab but turn right after a few meters (towards Häuslalm, see signposts!).
04:25 Again, first turn right but then stay left at the next crossings (follow the trail towards Häuslalm, bypassing the Hochschwab).
04:50 At the Fleischer-Biwak, keep straight (slightly right) and follow the trail on the plateau towards the Häuslalm.
06:00 At the crossing, stay straight (or optionally do a detour by turning left towards the Zinken (1926m), +30 min).
06:12 Follow the trail downwards (descending) towards the Häuslalm.
06:50* Bypass the Häuslalm and turn right afterwards into the forest road towards the Sackwiesenalm. Follow the forest road (but consider using the shortcuts).
06:55* Short break for a refreshment () at the Sackwiesenalm.
07:15* Continue on the road heading north-west.
07:20* At the crossing (signpost), turn right into the small trail downwards towards the Sackwiesensee (lake).
07:25* Walk around the Sackwiesensee lake by following the trail on its shore.
07:30* Short break to enjoy the Sackwiesensee and let the legs rest a bit (best done by with a self-brought ).
07:35* Continue on the trail around the lake back to the forest.
07:45* At the crossing, turn right and follow the trail back to the mountain road.
07:48* At the crossing, turn left into the hiking trail (shortcut the mountain road).
08:10* Cross the mountain road and stay on the trail leading to the Sonnschienalm and the Sonnschienhütte (hut).
08:12* Break for a well-deserved refreshment () at the Sonnschienhütte.
08:35* Take the same way back to the Sackwiesenalm and Häuslalm.
09:00* At the way back, stay right on the mountain road to bypass the Sackwiesensee (lake).
09:15* Bypass the Sackwiesenalm and continue on the road towards the Häuslalm.
09:25* Last break for a refreshment ( ) at the Häuslalm hut.
10:10 Continue the tour by descending towards Bodenbauer.
10:12 At the crossing (signpost), turn left and follow the trail downwards (bypassing the generator building).
10:25 At the crossing, stay right and continue on the trail downwards.
10:45 Cross the forest street (several times) and stay on the hiking trail (straight ahead).
11:05 Keep left and continue on the trail downwards.
11:10 Follow the forest road back to the Bodenbauer guesthouse and the parking.
11:20 Back at the parking. End of the tour. Recap the tour during a refreshment () at the Bodenbauer restaurant.

* Skip these stages to shorten the tour by 02:40.

This tour passes exactly enough checkpoints to get 20 points that qualify for the HOCHsteiermark bronze badge. To collect the points, use the SummitLynx app and check in at the various checkpoints.
The tour can be shortened significantly by descending at the Häuslalm after reaching it and skipping the Sackwiesenalm and Sonnschienalm. However, this would mean being 7 points short for the HOCHsteiermark badge.
A “Klettersteigset” (via ferrata set) is not required for this tour, but a sure foot and good stamina is necessary!


General Tour Data

Area: Hochschwabgruppe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 27km
Ascent: 1787m (4h 45min)
Descent: 1787m (3h 50min)
Highest Pt: 2277m
Lowest Pt: 881m
Duration: 9h 30min (without breaks)
11h 20min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Alpengasthof Bodenbauer (884m)
Schiestlhaus (2156m)
Häuslalm (1526m)
Sackwiesenalm (1458m)
Sonnschienhütte (1523m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Solid hiking shoes with good grip
Snacks and plenty of water
2x Gipfelbier  
Sun & Weather protection
Topo/Map: Das G’hackte (A/B)

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At a glance

Level difficult
–  Via Ferrata Category  A/B 
Shape / Fitness
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Tour Diary

2020-09-05 07:30

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan
Activity: Suunto

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