Alpine Tour: “Triglav in a day” (Slovenia)

Climb up to the highest summit of Slovenia: The Triglav. This promising but extremely long and demanding alpine tour starts at the parking in the Vrata valley and approaches the Triglav from north. The ascent is done via the Tominškova Pot (Via Ferrata Cat. B) and the Zavarovana Plezalna Pot (A/B) whereas the descent is using the Pot cez Prag (A/B).

Climb up the highest point of Slovenia from the north in 1 day: “The Triglav” using three Via Ferratas (B, I)

The tour starts at the parking at the end of the (gravel) road towards the Vrata valley (GPS: 46.412087, 13.845837) and follows first the hiking trail through the valley, passing by the Aljažev dom (hut). Just before the carabiner-monument, the tour crosses the riverbed and follows the Tominškova Pot. The trail first ascents steeply and then becomes an easy but fairly exposed Via Ferrata (B, I-) – allowing exciting views towards the north-face of Triglav. At the end of the Via Ferrata, the trail joins the Pot cez Prag (which is then used later for the descent) for a few meters upwards and then turns right towards the Triglavski dom (hut). After a short break, the ascents towards the summit is done via the Zavarovana Plezalna Pot Via Ferrata (A/B, I-).
The descent is done via the same route back to the Triglavski dom and then following the trail back to the Pot cez Prag which is then used for the descent (A/B, I) back into the Vrata valley and back to the parking.

Although technically not difficult, the tour is extremely long (normally done in two days!) and therefore pretty demanding!
Please note that a full via ferrata set is recommended for this tour. In early spring or late autumn, alpine tour equipment (crampon, waist-belt, rope, shoes cat. C or D, ice axe, helmet) is strongly recommended for this tour!

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Vrata valley (GPS: 46.412087, 13.845837) and follow the trail westwards towards Aljažev dom.
00:10 Pass by Aljažev dom and continue following the trail towards Tominškova Pot.
00:15 At the crossing, turn left, cross the riverbed and following the marked trail Tominškova Pot. The trail becomes pretty quickly steep and requires some basic climbing skills (UIAA I). Exposed parts are protected via cables, iron rungs and other climbing aids (Via Ferrata Cat. B). The trail is very well marked using red-white dots or red markings.
02:55 At the crossing with Pot cez Prag, keep straight ahead and follow the steep and very slippery trail through the scree field up to the already visible crossing.
03:05 At the crossing, turn right and follow the trail towards Triglavski dom.
04:00 Well deserved (quick) break ( ) at Triglavski dom.
04:30 Follow the trail eastwards towards Triglav summit via the Zavarovana Plezalna Pot. Prepare for several stops as the route follows most of the time the ridge, is very narrow but super crowded.
05:20 Pass by Mali Triglav and continue following the trail up to the summit.
05:50 Enjoy the amazing scenic surround view from the highest point of Slovenia: Mount Triglav! Take time to make pictures () and enjoy the nature, indeed best enjoyed with a self-brought refreshment ().
Tip: In high season, a local is selling chilled drinks at the top!
06:00 Descend back towards Triglavski dom hut on the same way like the ascent (via the Zavarovana Plezalna Pot).
07:20 A second well deserved break ( ) at Triglavski dom to gain energy for the descent.
07:40 Hike back towards Pot cez Prag on the same way as the ascent (follow the trail northwards).
08:35 At the crossing, turn left into the Pot cez Prag and follow the trail down through the slippery scree field.
08:45 At the crossing with Tominškova Pot, keep left and follow the marked Pot cez Prag trail downwards. The trail has some steep but protected climbing parts (Via Ferrata)!
10:50 At the crossing back in the valley, turn right and follow the trail which directly leads back to the parking.
11:25 Pass by again Aljažev dom and follow the forest road back to the parking.
11:35 Back at the parking, end of the tour!


General Tour Data

Area: Julian Alps, Slovenia
Distance: 19km
Ascent: 2157m (5h 00min)
Descent: 2157m (5h 10min)
Highest Pt: 2864m
Lowest Pt: 994m
Duration: 10h 35min (without breaks)
11h 35min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Aljažev dom (1002m)
Triglavski dom (2515m)
Equipment: Via ferrata set incl. helmet
Hiking shoes with good grip (on rock)
Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and plenty of water
1x “Gipfelbier” ()
Sun & Weather protection

in case of snow additionally:
Alpine tour equipment (Windstopper, Waterproof)
Alpine shoes & Crampons
Ice axe
Rain coat

Topo/Map: Tominškova Pot (B, I-)
Zavarovana Plezalna Pot (A/B)
Pot cez Prag (A/B, I)
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At a glance

Level  moderate-difficult alpine 
–  UIAA Level (Climbing)  I 
–  Via Ferrata Category  B 
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  

Tour Diary

2021-09-02 06:30

Weather: Sunny, perfect
Participants: Stefan
Activity: Strava

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