Winter Hiking Tour: “Grüner See & Sonnschienalm via Russenstraße”

Promising winter hiking tour passing by the “Grüner See” (green lake) and up to the “Sonnschienalm” via the “Russenstraße”. Also a perfect route for a ski tour!

Promising winter tour passing the beautiful “Grüner See” (green lake) up to the “Sonnschienalm”

The tour starts at the parking in Jassing, passing first the “Grüner See” (green lake) which is worth a short break and walk. First purchase a parking ticket at the main parking “Grüner See” and then follow the forest road till its end at Jassing (this parking has no ticket vending machine). The tour itself follows the Russenstraße that directly leads up to the Sonnschienalm, providing an awesome mountain scenery.

Tip: The current water-level is tracked on this website.
This tour is also perfectly suitable for a ski tour!


Tour Description

00:00 Park at the parking lot Jassing (GPS: 47.557988, 15.031051, ticket required and needs to be purchased at the main parking “Grüner See”!)
00:05 Follow the forest road (Russenstraße) on the right handside upwards.
00:20 Pass by the Wasserstein (distinctive rock).
00:40 Stay on the forest road (Russenstraße) (for ski touring you might consider taking the shortcut by turning left).
00:50 At the crossing, make a u-turn and stay on the Russenstraße which winds upwards using a couple of u-turns (and crossing several times the ski tour shortcuts).
01:55 At the crossing, take the route towards Sonnschienalm on the right handside.
02:10 Enjoy the Sonnschienalm mountain scenery. Follow the track towards the houses and the hut that are now visible.
02:20 Well-deserved break () at the Sonnschienhütte. (Don’t forget to tip the Mountain Rescue Team which has its base at this hut!)
03:20 Follow the same route backwards.
05:00 Back at the parking in Jassing, end of the tour.

At a glance

Level easy
Shape / Fitness
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General Tour Data

Area: Hochschwabgruppe, Styria, Austria
Distance: 12,5km
Ascent: 675m (2h 08min)
Descent: 672m (1h 35min)
Highest Pt: 1542m
Lowest Pt: 913m
Duration: 4h 10min (without breaks)
5h 00min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Sonnschienhütte (1526m)
Jassing Almhüttn (890m)
Gasthof Grüner See (778m)
Equipment: Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and plenty of water
Sun & Weather protection
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Tour Diary

Last tour: 2019-12-31 10:30
  Weather: Sunny, clear
  Participants: Stefan
  Activity: Suunto


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