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Stefan Probst Racing

What is it that drives us to go faster, push harder and brake later?

I am a professional IT Security Expert but cars have always been my passion. There is something that fascinates me about racing cars, being able to control a car at high speed and bring it to its limits. Just to experience how quickly a car can corner, still having grip is an absolut thrilling experience.

All started with participating and graduating the Jaguar Driving Academy in Nürburg, learning to handle and drive a sports car on a race track. Not being a professional race driver, I still participate in various racing events, improving my driving and racing skills and enjoy the moment.


 June 18, 2017

 Land Rover Experience Tour Challenge Peru
 Qualifying, Saalfelden, Austria

This year, I was invited by Jaguar Land Rover to try something new: Change tarmac and high-grip underground against loose and slippery gravel and sand.

Although I can tell already now that this is totally different to anything I did before (and therefore my chances to win the ticket to Peru are low), the first test runs were fun like hell!

Stay tuned! More pictures and videos will follow (on my soon to appear blog)!


 September 18, 2016

 Jaguar F-Type Challenge
 Nordschleife, Nürburgring, DE

The Nordschleife at the Nürburgring is known to be the most challenging race track in the world. No room for mistakes, no safety zones, too dangerous for Formula 1. Actually, it is also known as the "green hell".

This year I tackled the track with the powerful Jaguar F-Type R AWD, instructed and coached by professional race drivers (Tom Schwister, Altfried Heger, Wolfgang Drabiniok) and lapped it in under 9 minutes!


 June 12, 2016

 KTM X-Bow Sommercup
 Wachauring, Melk, AT

Some collegues and me participated at the KTM Summercup which took place at the Wachauring in Melk, Austria.

Due to forecasted bad weather, the track was made artificially wet and the cars were equiped with rain tires. Not optimal conditions but still a lot of fun...


 November 11, 2015

 Aston Martin Vantage Challenge
 Thruxton, Hampshire, UK

I've participated in the Aston Martin Challenge (driver casting) on the Thruxton Circuit in Hampshire, United Kingdom. This track is the fastest racing track in the UK, and I was doing 30 minutes in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430.

Unfortunately, it was raining and the track was very wet but still I managed to finish 2nd in this lap-time race.

Afterwards, I tried 5 laps with a Sports 2000 racing car (unfortunately, I am too tall to fit in the aimed Formula Renault) - a very great experience!

Pictures and videos will follow soon.


 July 06, 2015

 Jaguar F-Type Challenge
 Nürburgring (GP-Track), Nürburg, DE

I've participated in the Jaguar F-Type Challenge 2015 at the Nürburgring Grand Prix racing track. Coached by professional race drivers (Ralf Kelleners) in the morning, we were racing 30 minutes in a Jaguar F-Type R (550 HP) on the famour Nürburg Grand Prix racing track.

More pictures and videos will follow soon.