Alpine Tour: “Zugspitze via Stopselzieher”

Climb up to the highest summit of Germany: The Zugspitze. This promising alpine tour is fairly easy from a technique point (clibming: I+ / II-, Via ferrata: B) and starts from the beautiful Eibsee in Germany. It then passes the border to Austria and then follows the Via Ferrata “Stopselzieher” (Cat. B) up to the summit.

Climb up the highest point of Germany: “The Zugspitze”

The tour starts at the parking of the German Zugspitzbahn valley station (GPS: 47.456118, 10.992465) and follows first the forest road on the right hand-side of the cable car (looking upwards). It then follows the ski slope upwards (Riffelabfahrt) till reaching the border between Germany and Austria.
The tour then follows a small trail through the forest and becomes steeper and steeper. Just before crossing the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn, some climbing (I+) passages must be mastered. However, the route offers an overwhelming view on the surrounding mountains. After turning left, follow the Georg Jäger Steig (some easy climbing passages) that leads up to the Wiener Neustädter Hut. After a refreshing break, a scree must be crossed that leads towards the start of the Stopselzieher via ferrata.
Climb up via the Stopselzieher (Cat. B, not always protected) till reaching the old mountain station.
After a short break (enjoy the view!) continue towards the top plateau (new mountain stations for both cable cars). Walk around the platform.
For the final ascent to the peak, walk through the building and then through a gate, indicating the exposed and alpine character of the short but narrow via ferrata. Follow the via ferrata up to the submit (2962m) and its unique golden summit cross.

Tip: Although technically not difficult, the tour is very long and therefore pretty demanding! Especially in winter conditions (snow), the tour can be tricky since protection harness will be below the snow.
Please note that a full via ferrata set is recommended for this tour. In early spring or late autumn, alpine tour equipment (crampon, waist-belt, rope, shoes cat. C or D, ice axe, helmet) is strongly recommended for this tour!


Tour Description

00:00 Start at the parking lot Deutsche Zugspitzbahn (GPS: 47.456118, 10.992465) and follow the forest road upwards (keep right) towards the Zugspitze.
00:02 Follow the ski slope Riffelabfahrt.
01:15 Keep straight and follow the trail towards the Austrian / German border.
01:20 Do the small step of crossing the border between Germany and Austria. Enjoy the awesome flair of Austria 😉 (best done by consuming a self-brought, Austrian !). Follow the trail through the forest towards Wiener Neustädter Hütte.
01:30 Careful! Although a red arrow indicates to stay on the trail, turn left and follow the green-marked trail upwards.
01:55 Leave the forest behind and enjoy the beautiful landscape (surrounding mountains). Continue on the trail towards the cable car (must be crossed).
02:15 The first steep climbing part (I+ / II-). Follow the trail protected via fixed ropes and marked white-red-white by climbing up.
02:45 At the ridge, enjoy the awesome view and turn left, following the trail upwards to Wiener Neustädter Hütte. Keep left also at the next crossing.
03:00 Enjoy the amazing view towards Eibsee! Take time to make pictures () and enjoy the nature! Then follow the Georg Jäger Steig which leads upwards to the Wiener Neustädter Hütte.
03:40 Well deserved break () at the Wiener Neustädter Hütte (hut). Refresh your energy since this will be needed for the via ferrata.
04:15 Put on the via ferrata set and follow the trail through the scree towards the start of the Stopselzieher via ferrata.
04:35 Start of the Stopselzieher via ferrata.
06:40 Enjoy the view at the old mountain station (best enjoyed with a self-brought ).
06:55 Follow the trail upwards to the antenna and then further the mountain plateau (mountain station of both cable cars).
07:30 Walk thorough the building towards the via ferrata (Cat. B) leading to the peak. Please note that the trail is very narrow and pretty crowded (whereas the majority does not have proper equipment).
07:40 Enjoy the view from the highest point in Germany!
07:45* Go back and enjoy a very well deserved at the highest beer-garden in Germany (Münchner Haus), purchase a ticket for the cable car and take the correct cable car (German cable car) down to the valley.

*: In October, the cable car closes early. Thus we decided to have the at the valley station (Eibsee-Alm)!

General Tour Data

Area: Wettersteingebirge / Zugspitze, Austria | Germany
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 1953m (6h 10min)
Descent: 20m (N/A)
Highest Pt: 2962m
Lowest Pt: 1003m
Duration: 6h 50min (without breaks)
8h 00min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Wiener Neustädter Hütte (2209m)
Münchner Haus (2959m)
Eibsee-Alm (1005m)
Equipment: Via ferrata set incl. helmet
Hiking shoes with good grip (on rock)
Backpack with standard hiking equipment
Snacks and plenty of water
2x “Gipfelbier” ()
Sun & Weather protection

in case of snow additionally:
Alpine tour equipment (Windstopper, Waterproof)
Alpine shoes & Crampons
Ice axe
Rain coat

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Tour Diary

Tour Date: 2019-10-12 08:30
  Weather: Sunny (perfect conditions)
  Participants: Stefan, Hannes, Herbert, Robert
  Activity: Suuntoo

At a glance

Level easy-moderate alpine
–  UIAA Level (Climbing)  I 
–  Via Ferrata Category  B 
Shape / Fitness
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