Walking Tour: “Ljubljana Tivoli Park” (Slovenia)

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Relaxing walk through the nice “Tivoli park” in Ljubljana, hiking up to the two highest points of the park and passing a couple of huts that invite for relaxing.

Relaxing walk through the nice “Tivoli Park” in Ljubljana

This tour starts at the park entrance near the Ljubljana Opera (GPS 46.053414, 14.498655). Following the path by turning left and passing the Ribnik lake, the first hut invites for a cold drink. After a short refreshment, the tour then continues through the forest of the park uphill, passing by the tree with impressive roots, till reaching the highest point (429m): the transmitter-tower.
Following the trail onward leads to the Roznik church and the restaurant nearby (Gostilna Roznik), a perfect place for the next refreshment.
The tour then continues downwards, along the Zoo towards the east end of the park, where the next hut (Mostec) is located.
The final part then leads back to the east side of the park and ends at the main parking of Tivoli (next to Lepa zoga bar that invites for a recapture of the tour).

Tour Description

00:00 Start at the Moderna galerija Ljubljana, under-crossing the main street and head towards the park.
00:01 Turn left and follow the trail till reaching the Ribnik lake.
00:05 Enjoy a refreshment () at Colnara next to the lake.
00:30 Follow the trail towards the forest (keep left) and then upwards.
00:40 Not taking the forest road but following the small trails will allow you to see the tree with impressive roots.
00:45 After passing again the forest road, follow the small trail upwards (directly at the crossing) that leads towards the highest point of the tour (429m): the Sisenski hrib transmitter-tower.
01:00 Keep on the trail (tower on the right handside) the trail descents and flows into the forest road that leads towards the Gostilna Roznik restaurant.
01:20 Break and refreshment () at the Gostilna Roznik with view towards the west side of Ljubljana and the church at the top of the Roznik hill.
01:40 Pass by the church and descent on the other side till reaching the signpost directing towards Mostec.
01:45 Follow the small trail towards Mostec (walk next to the Zoo located on the left handside).
02:15 Before reaching the street, turn right and follow the trail towards the Mostec hut.
02:20 Well deserved break at the Mostec hut ().
02:45 Continue on the path towards east but turn left into the small trail upwards at the crossing of the forest road.
02:50 Keep right and follow the trail.
03:00 Pass by the Skakalnica na Galetovem (ski jump area) and follow the trail heading towards east till reaching Bellevue.
03:20 Follow the road downwards towards the main parking and recap impressions at the Lepa zoga bar ().

At a glance

Level easy
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  


General Tour Data

Area: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Distance: 7,5 km
Ascent: 191m
Descent: 191m
Highest Pt: 429m
Lowest Pt: 295m
Duration: 2h 15min (without breaks)
3h 20min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Colnarna (298m)
Gostilna Roznik (390m)
Mostec (333m)
Lepa Zoga (302m)
Equipment: Sun & Weather protection
Optional: Hiking equipment (water, snacks)


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Tour Diary

Tour Date: 2019-07-17 16:30
  Weather: Sunny, hot
  Participants: Stefan


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