Hiking Tour: “Steinwandklamm & Myrafälle”

A very nice walk through the “Steinwandklamm” (flume) with many restaurants towards the impressive waterfalls of the “Myrafälle”. The tour can be spiced up by taking the “Rudolf-Decker-Steig”, an easy via ferrata (cat. A/B, no via ferrata set required) upwards to the end of the Steinwandklamm.

Promising walk through the “Steinwandklamm” towards the impressive waterfalls of the “Myrafälle”

This round-trip tour starts at the parking of the “Steinwandklamm”, next to the Jausenstation Reischer (GPS 47.931864, 15.953809). After paying a small entrance fee (recommended to by the combi ticket valid for Steinwandklamm and Myrafälle), the trail first leads through the Steinwandklamm. In early summer, the trail runs next to a small river with impressive waterfalls. However the river often dries out during summer. The tour can be optionally spiced up by taking the “Rudolf-Decker-Steig”, an easy via ferrata (cat. A/B) using various iron ladders.
One of the highlights is the “Türkenloch”, a cave that must be gone through (recommended to take a torch with you). After passing the “Gasthof Jagasitz” with its impressive view towards “Schneeberg”, the tour descends towards the entrance of the “Myrafälle”. Walking next to the impressive waterfalls upwards and then following the road and the trail leads back to the Steinwandklamm which is then used for descending back to the parking.

Tip: At the entrance, ask for a combi-ticket that is valid for both, the Steinwandklamm and the Myrafälle. Please keep the ticket with you all the times since it is needed at the end of the tour when exiting the Steinwandklamm.


Tour Description

00:00 Parking at the parking lot Steinwandklamm opposite of the Jausenstation Reischer.
00:01 Follow the path towards the entrance of the Steinwandklamm. A ticket is required to pass the turnstile.
00:15 Optional Rudolf-Decker-Steig: Turn right and use the iron ladder that marks the begin of the Rudolf-Decker-Steig (via ferrata).
00:18 Optional Rudolf-Decker-Steig: The crux of the Rudolf-Decker-Steig is a very long iron ladder (appr. 16 meters) that leads into a cave. The ladder however can be bypassed on the left handside using a much shorter and easier ladder.
00:40 The Rudolf-Decker-Steig ends again in the normal trail at the Türkenloch, a dark cave that must be passed (torch recommended).
00:50 Short break at Gasthof Jagasitz ().
01:10 Follow the trail (first few meters on the street) marked “white-blue-white” downwards to the “Myrafälle”.
01:30 Cross the street and follow the steep tail downwards to the entrance of the “Myrafälle”.
01:40 Well-deserved break () at the Myra-Stubn.
02:30 Pass the turnstile at the entrance of the “Myrafälle” and follow the wooden stairs and trail upwards (along the river with its impressive waterfalls).
03:00 Pass by the small barrier lake at the end of the “Myrafälle” At the other end, have a small break () at the Myrabar.
03:20 Follow the road (at the crossing) upwards (opposite of the Myrabar) till its first u-turn.”
03:30 At the u-turn, follow the trail straight ahead (marked white-yellow-white). Stay on the trail till you reach the Gasthof Jagasitz again.”
04:20 At Gasthof Jagasitz you can either stay on the white-yellow-white gravel road (going back to the parking) or you can go back via the Steinwandklamm. The second option is recommended if the ascent was done via the Rudolf-Decker-Steig. This time, stay on the trail till you reach the entry of the Steinwandklamm and the parking.
05:10 Relax and recap at Jausenstation Reischer ().

At a glance

Level easy
Shape / Fitness
Best time in the year  


General Tour Data

Area: Wienerwald, Lower Austria, Austria
Distance: 8,5 km
Ascent: 468m (1:35)
Descent: 468m (1:18)
Highest Pt: 740m
Lowest Pt: 464m
Duration: 3h 30min (without breaks)
5h 10min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Jausenstation Reischer (545m)
Gasthof Jagasitz (704m)
Myra-Stubn (464m)
Karnerwirt / Myrabar (566m)
Equipment: Sun & Weather protection
Optional: Hiking equipment (water, snacks)

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Tour Diary

Tour Date: 2018-06-30 11:25
  Weather: Mostly sunny, hot
  Participants: Stefan, Rene

Some Information

The Myrafälle are very popular and thus the trail is sometimes very crowded. Therefore it is advised to start from the Steinwandklamm to avoid the peaks in the morning at the Myrafälle.
Due to the fact that the tour passes a restaurant nearly every hour, there is no real need for heavy backpack or equipment.

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