Ski Touring: Stuhleck via the Kaltenbachgraben

Promising ski tour close to Vienna up to the top of Stuhleck via the “Kaltenbachgraben”.

Ski tour up to Stuhleck via the “Kaltenbachgraben”

The tour starts at the lift station “Promibahn / Kaltenbach”, following the forest road (continuing the “Kaltenbachstraße”). After 2 km, the road crosses a small and steeper track through the forest. The track again crosses a street (at km 3.3), make sure you take the small trail on the right towards the “Karl-Lechner-Haus”. After a small break, the tour continues on a small trail towards the top of Stuhleck to the “Alois-Günther-Haus”. The descent is done on ski slopes, following the slope towards “Promibahn” (always keep right).

Tip: The entire ski touring equipment (ski + fur, shoes, sticks) can be rented at Schneesport Taberhofer at reasonable conditions.


Tour Description

00:00 Parking at the parking lot Stuhleck / Promibahn, Kaltenbach (ticket required!)
00:01 Follow the forest road at the end of the street next to the river.
00:45 At the U-Turn (km 2), turn into the small trail through the forest.
01:32 The trail crosses a forest street and continues a few meters on the right handside (steep upwards).
01:50 Break at the Karl-Lechner-Haus ().
02:30 After the break, follow the trail upwards (straight) behind the Karl-Lechner-Haus.
02:55 At the crossing, continue on the right trail.
03:15 The Alois-Günther-Haus is now visible. Follow the trail towards the hut and thus the highest point of the tour.
03:30 Well deserved-break and lunch at Alois-Günther-Haus ().
04:30 Follow the trail towards the upper lift station and descend on the right-handside slope (blue slope 10).
04:39 Pass by the W11 (hut) and follow the slope 1 on the right handside.
04:40 Pass by the Schwaigerhütte and continue on the slope.
04:43 At the crossing (next to the mountain station of the Promibahn), stay on the right handside slope 3.
05:44 You can either take the red slope 3(straight) or the blue slope 3a(right). Both are leading towards the parking.
06:00 You reach the bottom station of the Promibahn and the parking. This is also the end of the tour.

At a glance

Level easy-moderate
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General Tour Data

Area: Fischbacher Alpen, Styria, Austria
Distance: 10km
Ascent: 906m (2h 35min)
Descent: 907m (17min)
Highest Pt: 1782m
Lowest Pt: 868m
Duration: 3h 25min (without breaks)
6h 00min (with breaks)
Stop/Rest: Karl-Lechner-Haus (1450m)
Alois-Günther-Haus (1782m)
W11 (1639m).
Schwaigerhütte (1536m).
Kaltenbachimbiss (872m)
Equipment: Touring Skis + Equipment
Backpack with standard equipment
Snacks and water
Sun & Weather protection
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Tour Diary

2021-02-13 09:40

Weather: sunny (cold)
Participants: Stefan, Robert
Activity: Strava
Comment: Parking at the “Kaltenbachgraben” is no longer permitted by the operator of the cable cars!


2018-03-09 10:00

Weather: Partly cloudy
Participants: Stefan, Bernhard, Hans
Activity: Suunto

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